Since 1997, TableForce has been delivering best-in-class sales negotiation training to global companies across six continents. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, small- and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, educational institutions and non-profits.

The TableForce partners are expert negotiators with decades of at-the-table sales negotiation experience. We have built our reputation on being honest, direct and engaging, and we bring a high level of professionalism to all our negotiations.

We take great pride in adhering to the same principles in our sales negotiation training. The result is satisfied clients and courageous and confident negotiators who impact the bottom line.

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The Negotiation Skills You Need to Close the Deal

The ability to negotiate effectively is a vital skill in today’s competitive global business environment. And nowhere is this more obvious on a day-to-day basis than in the field of sales.

As with any skill, the ability to negotiate can be improved through study and practice. TableForce’s sales negotiation training provides professionals with the knowledge and tools to successfully close deals and build relationships that lead to future sales opportunities.

The negotiation experts at TableForce have worked with sales teams in construction, manufacturing, distribution, defense, software services and others around the world. Our extensive experience in the field means that we understand how to navigate the buyer-supplier partnership across various industries, cultures and communication platforms. The result is the best negotiation training for sales professionals looking to advance their career.

How Negotiation Training Benefits You

Sales negotiation training by TableForce allows you to navigate the field of sales more skillfully and efficiently. Learn the most effective sales negotiation techniques to close deals, meet your quotas and build better business relationships.

Our sales negotiation training will help you:

  • Understand buyer tactics

  • Identify and avoid critical mistakes

  • Create value

  • Respond to customer hesitations effectively

  • Beat your competitors

  • Make the sale

TableForce sales negotiation training provides a high return on investment. You can immediately put into practice our real-world tips, techniques and examples to bolster your bottom line. And the benefits are not limited to business interactions–enhanced negotiation skills allow you to minimize conflict and get to win-win outcomes in all areas of your life.

Our On-Demand Sales Negotiation Training

TableForce offers on-demand video training as an easy and valuable way to level up your sales negotiation skills. Ranging from two- to 10-minutes long, these easily digestible segments are self-paced and can be watched between meetings, at lunch or whenever it best fits in your demanding schedule.

Our Negotiating for Success I and II courses are specifically designed for sales professionals.

  • Negotiating for Success I
    • Modules A+B+C: Our three-module bundle walks attendees through the negotiation process, including core concepts, easy to implement downloadable tools, and real-world negotiation techniques
  • Negotiating for Success II
    • Builds upon the foundation of Negotiating for Success I, incorporating several new concepts and focusing on the importance of advanced planning for success

The Negotiating for Success video series includes the following materials:

  • Two hours of studio-produced, podcast-style audio files
  • Interactive workbook
  • Negotiation role-playing cases
  • Detailed negotiation planning form and checklist
  • Pocket reminder of strategies and approaches
  • Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing
  • Various supplementary handouts

Our proven methodology delivers win-win outcomes by focusing on the concepts of  Trying Harder, Planning Better,and Raising the Bar!

Through our on-demand sales negotiation training, you’ll gain:

  • Greater confidence
  • An understanding of how to protect margins from erosion
  • An understanding of the difference between price and value (the price of the drill and bits versus the value of the holes)
  • Skill to counter tactics
  • Effective planning and preparation skills
  • Better outcomes and relationships in your sales encounters
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