Negotiation is a vital life skill that we use daily in both our personal and professional lives. TableForce negotiation training videos offer real-world tips, techniques, and examples that will inspire you to think about the negotiation process in new and innovative ways.

Our team of experts leverage decades of experience at the negotiation table to capture, distill, and organize the concepts and skills that lead to successful, “win-win” outcomes. We are proud to present this material in our entertaining, informative, and professionally produced video training series. It is a simple, valuable way to “level up” your ability to negotiate.

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On-Demand Videos for Negotiation Skills Training

Our negotiation skills videos are designed to fit into your busy schedule. Self paced and on demand, most videos are less than 10-minutes long, and can be accessed at any time. Check out our library of negotiation training videos and boost your knowledge and skills today.

3 Bs: The Basics, Bargaining and Buying Game

Learn powerful bargaining concepts and skills through this introductory negotiation training video. In less than 40 minutes, TableForce will guide you through tips and techniques for building relationships, making a plan, creating, exchanging and defending value, and “raising the bar” in all your negotiations.

The “3Bs” negotiation skills video is valuable for anyone who wishes to negotiate more successfully in their professional or personal life.

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Negotiating for Success I: Modules A+B+C

Negotiating for Success I walks buyers and sellers through the entire negotiation process, from core concepts to real-world negotiation techniques to planning for success.

Our three-module bundle offers the best value and is designed to work with your demanding schedule. It’s comprised of 25 self-paced negotiation training videos (each no longer than 10 minutes), interactive role-playing activities, detailed planning documents, and supplemental digital materials.

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At TableForce, we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience through our negotiation training videos. Check back often, as we update our video library regularly. You can also find many of our negotiation skills videos on YouTube.

We also appreciate hearing from you. If you have feedback or a success story you’d like to share, please email us.

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