At TableForce, we know the key to successful negotiation lies at the intersection of education and experience. This is why case studies for negotiation training are such a powerful tool for learning.

The negotiation case study examples below focus on three types of personal and business negotiations–from navigating a contentious real estate transaction to protecting sales margins to lowering procurement costs.

Whether you are looking to enhance your personal negotiation skills or seeking to transform your organizational culture through improved business-to-business negotiation, our case studies for negotiation skills training showcase practical techniques and tactics that lead to real-world success.

Case Studies for Negotiation Skills Training

Our case studies for negotiation training are intended to be a jumping-off point for further reflection and discussion.

We suggest reading the summary first and applying your negotiation training skills to the issue at hand. Establish your position and goals. Look at the research. Determine your negotiating power. Think about terms and conditions that can get you to the “win-win.” Then, consider those in the context of our real-world solutions and results.

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