Navigate the field of sales more efficiently and effectively with sales and negotiation skills training by TableForce. We offer best-in-class negotiation training courses in the area of sales. Register for on-demand sales negotiation training courses today.

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On-Demand Sales Negotiation Training Courses

TableForce offers on-demand, self-paced video series as an easy and valuable way to “level up” as a sales professional. Ranging from two- to 10-minutes long, these easily digestible segments can be watched between meetings or at lunch. 

Our Negotiation for Success I and II courses are specifically designed for sales professionals with a focus on purchasing, procurement, contract management, collections, and more.


  • Interactive workbook

  • Negotiation role-playing cases online and in person

  • 2-hours of studio produced, podcast style, audio files

  • Detailed negotiation planning form and checklist

  • Pocket reminder of strategies and approaches

  • Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing – boosts attendee morale

  • Various supplementary handouts


Through our on-demand sales negotiation training, you’ll gain:

  • Greater confidence

  • An understanding where margin and cost escalate

  • An understanding of the difference between price and value (the price of the drill and bits versus the value of the holes)

  • Tactical countering skills

  • Effective planning and preparation skills

  • Better outcomes in your sales encounters

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Why Learn Sales and Negotiation Skills

Sales and negotiation skills will help you:

  • Understand buyer tactics
  • Identify and avoid critical mistakes
  • Respond to customer hesitations effectively
  • Make the sale
  • Create value
  • Beat your competitors

Get started learning the most effective sales negotiation tactics to effectively close deals and build better business relationships.

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