Negotiation can be a difficult task, with some participants left exhausted or worse, the feeling like nothing was accomplished. Just like any other acquired skill, negotiation takes training, education and experience. With decades of professional experience and academic success, TableForce offers negotiation training courses that will help you succeed!

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You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for a comprehensive negotiation training program. You’ll gain skills that will help you in all facets of life:

  • Critical thinking: use that complex organ known as your brain to your advantage!

  • Bargaining abilities: let’s discover how to truly drive a win-win bargain.

  • Conflict management: learn to put out fires – not start them.

  • Identify tactics: a tactic discovered is a tactic disarmed.

Courses to Improve Negotiation

TableForce’s comprehensive negotiation courses help improve your negotiation skills in a variety of areas. Proper training will help you advance in business, your career and even life! A skilled negotiator gets what they want without instilling negative emotions or anger toward the other party. You’ll learn to be rational, professional and confident.

Check out our variety of courses:

  • Negotiating for Success I: Designed to be a strong foundation or refresher to key negotiating skills. This course will serve as an important skill set for future sales and negotiation situations at home, work and the rest of the world!

  • Negotiating for Success II: Building on your knowledge of the first course, NFS II will introduce several new concepts, provide a more in-depth look at several key issues and spend more time around the importance of planning.

  • Advanced Workshops: For those with a continued appetite for knowledge, our advanced workshops include intense discussions, real-world examples, reading and writing and highly interactive role-playing exercises to refine your new skills. We’ll take a deeper dive into the psychology, tactics and solutions behind negotiations.

  • Online Courses: While all our courses have online options, we offer several additional self-paced videos, interactive public workshops, coaching and advising, including the 3 B’s of Negotiation for just $19.99!

Discover the Art of Negotiation

Negotiating can be daunting for those ill prepared. However, it’s a skill that can be sharpened with the right knowledge.

Nobody wants to be taken advantage of in a deal. We can even the playing field and leave with both parties satisfied. After all, negotiating contracts and big decisions often result in maintaining long term relationships. End the process on a good note.

The skills you gain in these courses play an imperative role in your career success and professional development. There will be countless opportunities in which you will need to negotiate on your behalf or a company’s behalf. Having the training and experience will build confidence and preparedness.

TableForce’s experienced team has prepared these courses so that you can lead and navigate a productive negotiation.

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