TableForce has built its reputation on outstanding business negotiation services, delivered to global companies across six continents and 40+ countries since 1997.

We offer best-in-class negotiation training in the areas of sales, purchasing, project management and beyond. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, small- and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, educational institutions and non-profits.

Let us help you produce a win-win outcome for your organization by saving you time and effort while leveling up your team’s negotiation skills.

Negotiation Skills Training Online from Pro Negotiators

Our world has changed. And while our modes and methods for delivering business negotiation training changed along with it, you can rest assured that our real-world expertise and insight – and our ability to share essential negotiation concepts with your team – remain rock solid.

Time and again, clients have indicated that the primary difference between TableForce and other negotiation firms is both the “at the table” experience of our professional contract negotiators and the time we spend getting to know your needs. Our negotiation skills training is designed to meet the needs of your team wherever and whenever it works best for you – and them.

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The Benefits of Professional Negotiation Training

You don’t need to go it alone when it comes to business negotiation and training. With decades of experience, TableForce’s professional negotiators are ready and able to be a trusted extension of your team.

Our clients have consistently expressed deep appreciation for the difference we have made in their organizations by creating courageous and confident negotiators who impact the bottom line. Executives who utilize our services report witnessing employees applying the knowledge immediately, as evidenced by the fact that we regularly follow decision makers around the globe as they change companies. We’ve been told “TableForce is part of my tool kit” on many occasions.

Let our business negotiation and skills training be one of the foundational tools that allow you to build the best team for your organization.

TableForce negotiation training offers three flexible-delivery options:

If you are looking for the ultimate in business negotiation training for your entire team, this is for you. Like our face-to-face offerings in the past, these sessions are tailored to your industry’s needs and norms and unique to your organization. Customized content and role-play case studies instruct your employees on how to negotiate win-win outcomes and directly impact your company’s bottom line beginning the very next day.

Delivered in-person where practical or via Zoom and built around your team’s schedule, all customized negotiation skills training is highly interactive and includes a significant amount of negotiation role play scenarios based on real-world experiences. Participation is mandatory, and you won’t be left scratching your head trying to figure out how to apply canned, out-of-the-box negotiation training to your organization.


Looking to bring a new employee up to speed with the rest of your team? Seeking a professional development opportunity that offers a great return on investment and can be accessed remotely? Our regularly scheduled interactive public workshops are particularly valuable for successful professionals looking to learn about key negotiation strategies and tactics or hone in existing negotiation skills.

Consisting of three, 3-hour workshops, these interactive sessions are open to customers from around the world and allow for interaction, including activities and Q&A with our professional trainers.


Everyone can benefit from negotiation training. These pre-recorded video sessions cover basic negotiation “life skills.” Ranging from two- to 10-minutes long, the easily digestible segments can be watched between meetings, at lunch, etc. Self-paced and on-demand, they go where you do and can be accessed via the video library at the touch of a button.

Our self-paced video series is an easy and valuable way for your entire staff to “level up.” When everyone learns how to negotiate in their work and personal lives and put money in their pocket, the result is improved understanding and morale throughout the organization.


Train Your Sales Team in Business Negotiations with TableForce

Over the past three decades, our TableForce partners have established great relationships across a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, distribution, defense, software services, banking and many others. We have flown all over the world, delivering high-energy and high-impact negotiation training face-to-face. We now also offer our workshops via Interactive Technology (Zoom, Teams, etc.) and Self-Paced Videos.

In addition to our suite of online offerings, we will continue to offer limited face-to-face training when health, safety and travel considerations permit.

Contact us directly for information about customized face-to-face training for your team going forward.

Our Business Negotiation Expertise as an Extension of Your Team

With decades of global experience, our negotiators don’t pull punches. We are honest, direct, and no-nonsense, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t engaging. We bring a high level of professionalism, respect, and energy to our negotiation skills training.

Our methodology is built around the concepts of Trying Harder by Planning Better and Raising the Bar. Participant outcomes include:

  • Gaining great confidence

  • Trying harder and more often

  • Understanding where margin and cost escalate

  • Understanding the difference between price and value (the price of the drill and bits versus the value of the holes)

  • Learning to all point in the same direction as a company/team

  • Learning that each interaction outside the company is a micro negotiation where we must protect value and information without damaging relationships

  • Getting fired up!

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Keynote and Conference Speaking

TableForce partners have become highly sought after keynote speakers. Their emotionally charged motivational talks quickly and deeply impact audiences with a very simple message, “Raise the Bar”. Attendees are left with some solid learning “nuggets” which help them set higher expectations, not only in their work lives, but their personal lives as well.

In keeping with our core competency we wrap our keynote speeches around the subject of negotiation. Whether negotiating for yourself (car, home, boat, etc.), with your co-workers (we’re all in this together) or your external partners, customers and suppliers (I’ll do that for you IF you do this for me); we make sure to include everyone in the room during our presentations. “No sleeping allowed”, comes to mind.

The feedback we receive, coupled with repeat business, confirm that our talks are always “Best of Show”!

“Having attended Bill’s keynote address at the Retail Solutions Providers Conference in Aruba, and subsequently having hired Bill to as a Keynote Speaker for one of our own conferences, I can assure anyone considering the investment that their audience and constituents will NOT be disappointed.” – Albert Gufanti, Publisher VSR Magazine.

“Very engaging! Really appreciated the back and forth nature Mike used!” – Institute for Supply Management Company employee

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TableForce has given me the confidence to raise the bar.  I look for opportunities to negotiate now and I will use these skills in work and my personal life.

Textron employee

An example of how I have put your teachings to use in my work as a Process Engineer at Textron Aviation.  Using what I was taught, I negotiated with the President of a supplier to cut costs and lead time leading to an overall cost savings of $58,200.

Textron employee

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