Tips and Techniques to Become a Better Negotiator

Being a good negotiator can make a big difference in your life and career, but successfully negotiating to achieve your goals requires learning and practice. Get the latest negotiation tips, techniques, and views from our team of experts and take your negotiation skills to the next level.

Jujutsu Negotiations

By |April 1, 2021|Negotiating Assistance & Consulting|

Jujutsu Negotiations Jū: gentle, supple, flexible, or yielding. Jutsu: technique of manipulating an opponent's force against themselves rather than confronting it with one's own force. One of the most common frustrations I hear from supply chain professionals across the globe is the practice of “back-door” selling to the purchaser’s internal clients. Specifically, sellers go around a buyer directly to an end-customer or Sr. Executive, who promptly gives away all the leverage the buyer has worked so hard to create by telling the seller everything they want to [...]

How to Choose a Negotiation Firm

By |March 26, 2021|Negotiating Assistance & Consulting|

Why you should invest in negotiation training: When negotiations are conducted properly, great relationships are built while both companies increase their top lines and reduce their total cost of ownership, 1+1=3. When negotiations are conducted poorly, it often results in a lose-lose deal where relationships are destroyed. Negotiation training by TableForce helps make sure your team has a consistent vision, process and tools in place to exceed expectations! Why it's important: Anyone who cares about the long-term success of their business, both profits and reputation, knows negotiations [...]

A Kid’s Lesson in Assumptions

By |February 25, 2021|Businesses & Individuals|

There’s an old saying: “Don’t assume, because it’ll make and A$$ out of U and ME!” As a professional negotiator I say: WRONG, we should make LOTS of assumptions, but we need to test them by asking great questions. A story came up in a memory on FaceBook, reminding me how impactful assumptions can be. One of my friends told me about a powerful lesson in her daughter's high school history class. They were learning about the Salem Witch Trials, and their teacher told them they [...]

BATNA – Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement

By |February 12, 2021|Negotiating Assistance & Consulting|

If you ever find yourself wishing spring was coming faster I have the solution, commit to writing a blog and before you know it – BAMN – the days turn to weeks and deadlines are upon you. In this blog I’ll focus on BATNA. A ubiquitous term found in virtually all negotiation texts. What is BATNA in the world of negotiation? BATNA is defined as – the best alternative to negotiated agreement. Originally penned by Roger Fisher and William Ury of the Harvard Program on Negotiation (PON) [...]

How to Negotiate a Better Salary or a Job Offer

By |February 1, 2021|Businesses & Individuals|

How to Negotiate a Better Salary or a Job Offer Before the “how”, thoughts on the “if”. A lot of people are afraid to negotiate, or at least they don’t like it. Of those, many will begrudgingly negotiate for something / someone else, but are petrified when it comes to negotiating for themselves. Research from leading institutions, including Harvard, says the psychology has to do with them not wanting to appear to be greedy and/or unlikeable with someone they will be working with/for. I’m not a psychologist, [...]

Why Take-It-Or-Leave-It Is Not a Good Negotiation Strategy

By |January 28, 2021|Businesses & Individuals|

There exists and old saying, something of something is better than 100% of nothing.  This saying is a perfect bridge to a conversation on the “take-it-or-leave-it” tactic in negotiations. I’ll address three questions here Is “take-it-or-leave-it” a good tactic to use?  Should it be used? Unfortunately, the answer, like so many things in the world we live in, is, it depends. What is a better choice?  Good defense? Get more creative for gosh sakes! When should it be used? Occasionally, but not as often as many people [...]

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