Tips and Techniques to Become a Better Negotiator

Being a good negotiator can make a big difference in your life and career, but successfully negotiating to achieve your goals requires learning and practice. Get the latest negotiation tips, techniques, and views from our team of experts and take your negotiation skills to the next level.

Negotiation Tips and Techniques

By |November 20, 2020|Businesses & Individuals|

Create a Deadline Get Them to Negotiate Understand the Market Determine the Budget Create a Deadline All negotiators know that each party will tend to make concessions at the deadline. Furthermore, most negotiators realize that both sides have deadlines (although many sellers erroneously don’t truly believe this….convinced buyers can wait forever). So therein lies the question, “How do I create a deadline?” Simple, make it conditional, providing a simple and effective way to always ‘change your mind’. For example, you can tell the customer, “Based upon [...]

Namdaemun Market (South Korea) – NO DEAL!

By |June 27, 2018|Businesses & Individuals|

On a recent trip to South Korea’s Namdaemun market I was reminded of how small and yet diverse the world is. Keep in mind, Koreans in general are known to be shrewd negotiators, and street vendors regardless of culture tend to be among the toughest (a supporting example will be published soon). On the other hand, many seller’s around the world mistakenly think that discounts are a buyer’s primary reason for making the purchase. Case in point. I was looking for a purse for my daughter and [...]

Beyond Price When Buying an Automobile

By |June 27, 2018|Negotiating Assistance & Consulting|

When negotiating for a new vehicle most buyers focus solely on the price and that can leave value on the table! While price is always important, sometimes you might find a dealer unwilling to negotiate the price due to the high demand of the vehicle you want, or you are in a situation where two competing dealers are offering the same price. What next? Look beyond price for other items of value that are important to you. For example, an extended warranty; the dealer mark-up is very [...]

At the Mall…

By |June 11, 2018|Businesses & Individuals|

I was walking through the mall with my family this past weekend, well, “with” is a bit of a stretch. All you parents know what I mean… Anyway, I was focused on making my way out, through all of the other shoppers and buyers and people watchers (oh my!) when words jumped through the white noise and caught my attention. I was near one of those temporary stands that seam to fill every corridor these days. You know the ones, for phone cases, jewelry cleaners and such. [...]

A Discount for Trying

By |June 11, 2018|Businesses & Individuals|

In our Negotiation Training workshops we encourage people to Try and negotiate every chance they get in both their personal lives and in business. Practice makes perfect! After a session, a particularly strong and dedicated negotiator decided to Try at a local store. Their story went something like this: Attendee: Checking out at a store. Nothing out of the ordinary. Cashier: “That’ll be $68.50, do you have any coupons today?” Attendee: “No, but I’d like the Bald Guy Discount”. Cashier: “OK, that’ll be $62.25” Maybe they [...]

World Travels

By |June 8, 2018|Businesses & Individuals|

** From a person who attended a buyers focused workshop in Asia ** I worked in quality management field for ~15 years, but when it comes to purchasing, I am a beginner. Thank you very much for your kind presentation. Though I am not good at English, I understood the key points of the lesson very well because of your clear words. I’d like to share a story with you. After the first day of negotiation training last Thursday we went to shopping. One of us selected [...]

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